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Top 50 Fashion Bloggers Killing It Right Now

It is not uncommon to find people who work at a fashion magazine or even the fashion enthusiasts, frantically browsing through a couple of style blogs. Everyone is looking for a little fashion inspiration; be it in the web or around the community. Certainly there are several blogs to check out, along with the never ending flow of consistent posts.

For a blogger to actually connect with her audience, they have to display uniqueness- things that have not been seen prior. Unique style, a site with a clean layout, a passion for photography and most importantly, a tasteful eye are some of the things that make a blogger stand out from the rest.

No-one likes to waste 15 minutes of their precious time sifting through content that is not stunning. Here are the top 50 fashion bloggers who are killing it right now in the fashion department. You can follow them on twitter, add them to your RSS and perhaps even borrow tips on style from them.

New York Fashion Bloggers

1. Honey & Silk

Fashion blogger Stephanie Liu is the mastermind behind Honey & Silk. Her style inspires comfort and confidence. She started blogging in July 2011 and has already featured in LA Weekly, Lucky Magazine and the New York Times. Steph’s fashion sense is based on edgy, colorful, minimalistic, and feminine look. She also confessed to obsess over prints.

Stephanie LiuTo get to her blog, follow the link

2. The Global Girl

Ndoema’s story is fascinating! 3 nationalities, and toured a dozen cities all over the world- Ndoema is the true meaning of inspiration, having toured several countries worldwide. Being a model, actress and prevailing health living expert, each of her looks has in it a part of its life, and an interesting story to behold. The Global girl is a must-look- That’s where she tells it all- her life’s vision and deepest conviction.


  1. Margie Plus

Now here is something for the plus size. Margie has a discerning eye for the best plus-size style options. Loud prints, layering- which most plus size would never consider, let’s just say she knows how to make anything and everything work. If you are hinting for good fashion tips and options, is the place to be. Margie is certainly worth your time!


  1. Glisters and Blisters

Mitchelle started her fashion blog Glisters and Blisters, to showcase her year to year feeling of style evolution. Basing all her styles in timeless and effortless, she employs a mix of neutral color palette and a little bit of abstract floral prints for the feminine vibe, not to mention her attention to detail which is spectacular. Mitchelle is definitely killing it on the regular. Check her out on


  1. Couture Lust

Talk about talks about photography, style and most importantly, the traditional style blog layout, all summed up in one word- refreshing. Most of Couture Lust’s photography composition is the reason why this blog stands out. The effective framing and selected backdrops will keep your eyes glued to it. Sounds unbelievable? Check it out yourself-

Couture Lust

  1. The Fabric Snob

The best thing about Apneet Kaur’s work is how she executes color. Her palette is made up of complimentary colors, and not too flashy. Drawing her inspiration from people, nature, buildings and most of all books and music, Apneet will surely show you how to have fun with the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s vintage look. If you like casual, then her blog is definitely the place to be.

Apneet Kaur

  1. Pink Horror Show

The first thing that comes to mind when you read the name, ‘pink horror show’ is girl gone crazy in pink. But that’s not the case, not entirely anyway. This fashion mistress, Frances Kwon, may be tiny, but her fashion sense is out of this world. Her style is to recreate the whole chic, effortless look. If you really need a plan for your casual approach, check this out-

Frances Kwon

  1. NYC Pretty

Christine Bibbo Herr is the master-mind of NYC Pretty. Being among the most creative and sought-after fashionista, spokesperson and fitness zealot in New York City, her eagle-eye for design and detail provides her an inarguable extremity in foreseen trends and combining the perfect elements for developing looks that signify the present mood. To get to her blog, click

Christine Bibbo

  1. The Glamourai

Meet Kelly Framel. Kelly inspires fun fashion and to live life more glamorously. She has learnt everything she knows from the fashion world, having worked as a designer at several power houses such as Naeem Khan, Marni, Givenchy, and Oscar de la Renta. You can view her at

Kelly Framel

  1. Viviere Bella

The name Viviere Bella was inspired by Amy Nicole Marietta’s Italian descent. ‘Vivere’ means ‘to live’; therefore this blog’s style is to inspire a ‘beautiful life’. Amy believes that everyday should be lived beautifully and seizes each moment. Follow her on

Viviere Bella

LA Fashion Bloggers

  1. Stop It Right Now

Jayne Min is not only a stylist, but is also renowned for designing fashion skate decks. The thing about her style is that no detail is ever missed. Jayne incorporates things like chains, humor, minute drape, and a little bit of structure vibe in her style. No-one does it better than she does. You can follow her on

Jayne Min

  1. Fated To Be Hated

Now, here is a style that’s pretty aggressive. Bebe Zeva’s style may be a little crazy, but her fashion palette is well defined and a joy to behold. What makes Zeva unique is her ease of transformation from cyber Goth to vintage chic and back again. Mostly her wardrobe merits consist of DIY pieces, vintage, and designers you probably haven’t heard of, together with some brands that you have.

Bebe Zeva

  1. Jazzi McGilbert

Jazzi’s blog outlines her path to a career in fashion. Coming from humble beginnings herself, she feels the need to let her audience know that they don’t need a trust fund to hack the fashion industry. You’ll find her style insightful and creative. To get to her blog, follow the link

Jazzi McGilbert

  1. Fashion Toast

Rumi Neely knows a good piece when she sees one. She represents all the qualities of an essential blogger. Rumi’s dead-on ombre, white, bright, simple and lush palette, all contained in oversized frames is guaranteed to blow your brains.

Rumi Neely

  1. Karla’s Closet

Karla’s Deras’ style has a little bit of everything- versatility, and a mix of vintage and modern. Karla refers to her style as a combination of femininity, simplicity and androgyny. You can follow her on


  1. Song of Style

This interior designer turned fashion blogger has a unique style which comprises of a blend of interior design and fashion. Sounds peculiar, but it’s true and this is how Aimee Song makes it work. Other than being a fashion blogger, she also designs jewelry, particularly bracelets. Aimee’s blog features fashion and interior design inspirations. Follow her on


  1. Peace, Love, Shea

Shea Marie, that’s her name. Other than being the editor of, Shea Marie is also a stylist, designer, TV host, model and photographer. This global talent regularly travels all over the world as part of her job. She is indeed tasteful and influential having hosted events. Her style is all about timeless, sexy LBD and making a killer statement.

Shea Marie

  1. Sincerely Jules

To Julie Sarinana, her blog is more of her visual journal. She uses it as a creative outlet to convey her thoughts, inspiration, style and fascination of everything cool. Jules records her everyday style, travel and life, which inspires and motivates her audience. If you wish to dream big with Jules, go to

Julie Sarinana

  1. Lust For Life

Olivia Lopez is the petite powerhouse behind Lust for Life. Lopez is simply the person to influence your style with her wanderlust, a carefully organized shopping list and discerning eye for easy-chic collections. You can follow her blog on

Olivia Lopez

  1. Late Afternoon

Liz Cherkasova will show you exactly how it’s done. Her style is more upbeat with itsy bitsy rocker edge. So don’t be shocked to find leather and sequins, or python and pink combinations. Liz defines her style as modern-feminine meets assorted urbanite. You won’t ever find Liz in frayed denim shorts, but Liz loves to have fun with fashion.

Liz Cherkasova

Miami Fashion Bloggers

  1. Electric Blogarella

Ginger Harris is the Miami fashion designer behind Electric Blogarella. She contributes her views on beauty and fashion, a domain she’s all too familiar with. She worked as a fashion and beauty, entertainment and pop culture writer and editor. This bubbly blogger pauses like a yogi and blog like a boss. To view her blog, click on

Ginger Harris

  1. The Haute Frugalista

Dee Trillo likes taking risks which she says is part of being adventurous. Well’ it surely does pay off because her style is simply fantastic. Her fashion selection consists of blending bright colors, which she compares to everything in life; constantly changing and evolving. Dee’s style inspires a fresher perspective on life for trying out new things. Her blog link is

Dee Trillo

  1. Kelly’s Kloset

Kelly Saks, the fluent fashionista, blogger, on-air personality, style expert, Miss United Continents USA 2013, I mean, how could one person have so many titles? This soon to-be-bride Miami fashion blogger has it hands-on when it comes to fierce feminine style. Get fierce style tips on her blog

Kelly’s Kloset

  1. Princess Martha

Martha Dominguez’s blog is all about style, health & beauty, motherhood, and food. Her style is all about easy-chic, longevity of style, and artistic impressions. To Martha, it’s not just about trending, but the how an individual feels in natural fabric. Look her up on

Princess Martha

  1. Style by LYNSEE

Now here’s something new and interesting; a combination of edge/masculine pieces with feminine flair. It’s all about power dressing with Lynsee Hee Kyeong. She declares black suits as ultimately timeless since they never go out of style and the ways in which you can play around styling up in them is endless. Lynsee’s style is all about simplicity, yet fashionable. Her lifestyle blog focuses on fashion, beauty and fitness- get fashionably fit!

Lynsee Hee Kyeong

  1. A Fashion Soiree

Juliana Cardona of Colombian descent explores both female and male fashion on her blog- In her style, she gets creative by mixing high priced clothes and low priced clothes for the high-end look. Now, isn’t that something new? Bored of her job and dreams of becoming a full-time fashion blogger, it’s safe to say that Juliana is on the road to success.

Juliana Cardona

  1. OJ and CIGS

Jana Rose Carrero is a certified fashion stylist and has featured in several top magazines. Her fashion sense is inspired by what she wants to be that particular day. She showcases sartorial reflection, interesting postures and locations, which may evoke and inspire a sense of wonder and escapism. Exploring and dressing up, sometimes dressing down, is what she loves doing. Visit her site on

Jana Rose

  1. The Wordy Girl

Marie Andy Tettamanti is a journalist, columnist, beauty editor, and co-founder of working girls. Her blog is filled with ideas, inspirations and advice on what to wear, what doctor to visit and where to eat. She is simply a Greek beauty who epitomizes the variance Miami has to offer. Marie is also a ghost blogger, meaning, she blogs for other bloggers. To go to her blog, click

Marie Andy

  1. The Fashion Poet

Annie Vazquez born and raised in Cuba is the founder of the blog The Fashion Poet. So far she has featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, The New York Times, and Marie Claire. Her eclectic personal style is like chic combined with New York street style. She is a fashionista and jewelry designer; her jewelry collection, in collaboration with Lil Miss Miami featured on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Annie is a young entrepreneur, Visit her blog on

Annie Vazquez

  1. Belle Jhéanell

There is something about Belle that glues you to her blog and makes her audience feel like you’ve known her forever. With her degree in fashion merchandising and a background in covetable make-up artistry, she shares how she feels about new trends and products, as well as often exposing her readers to varied opinions from friends, encouraging them to have their own opinion. To join the conversation, go to

Belle Jhéanell

Chicago Fashion Bloggers

  1. Avant Blargh

Loving all things tomboy and vintage, Bianca de Bardelaben of Avant Blargh has all the fashion fanatics super smitten, and she’ll have you smitten too. She describes her style as gamine, tomboy and classic. Bianca believes that everyone should dress their shape.

Avant Blargh

  1. Escaping the Window

Kristyn Assise is not just about the dress behind the lens, but also captures and tells a story in that moment. Her pictures tell a story of happiness and being free. Beauty can come from anywhere and happiness can be found where you least expect to.

Kristyn Assise

  1. Blonde Bedhead

Andrea Kerbuski is the Chicago fashion blogger behind Blonde Bedhead, old PR, and photographer. Her blog features a mix of outfits, stylish people, and her sources of inspiration, as well as beauty and fitness posts. Her style is more edgy but comfortable.

Andrea Kerbuski

  1. The Style Tribe

The Style Tribe is a group of five girls, all wearing five different styles, five days a week. Its tribe members are Jena Gambaccini, Corri McFadden, Bridget, Erin and Nicole. It is the newest personal style blog in Chicago. The blog is a hybrid between a personal style and street style. Check them out on

The Style Tribe

  1. Latterstyle

Meagan’s blog- ttp://, is about fashion from a feminist view. She also writes about life musings and good music. Her style is vintage look.


  1. Defining Tabitha

Tabitha is a wife, mother, wanderer, foodie and fashionista- she blogs about everything that defines her. She is also an aspiring chef and Chicago enthusiast. Visit her blog on


  1. The Possessionista

Dana Weiss is perhaps the funniest person ever. Her blog has the perfect balance of fashion, humor, and TV shows. She finds and reproduces celebrity styles that are a must-have.

Dana Weiss

  1. ChiTown Fashionista

Nikia Jefferson is the mastermind behind ChiTown Fashionista. Her love for fashion came about as a result of her affinity for shoes and shopping. Aside from addressing fashion trends, Nikia promotes the overseen designers and local shops in Chicago and beyond.

 Nikia Jefferson

  1. Chic Street Style

This lady stylist specialty is generating dynamic cheap chic looks. She is a layering expert, self-confessed shoe hoarder, and a mixer of high-low style. High style at a low price tag is what she’s all about. Her style aesthetics is fearless feminine, classily preppy implemented in a multifaceted, trendy fashion.

Chic Street Style

  1. A Lily Love Affair

Anna Baun, the founder of A Lily Love Affair started her blog as a creative outlet to share her love of fashion. It has now evolved to a place where both men and women can find support and encouragement together with great style inspiration and tips. Her bright patterns and gorgeous photography will keep you wanting more. Check out her blog on

Anna Baun

Instagram Fashion Bloggers

  1. Gizele a Go-Go

Brazilian model, shopaholic, wanderlust, loves animals and her job. She likes blogging about her style, trips, and issues tips for models. Follow her @giizeleoliveiraGizele-a-Go-Go.png

Gizele a Go-Go

  1. India Rose

India Rose is a creative director, digital consultant, and content developer. She is the voice and face behind, lifestyle website.

India Rose

  1. Aleali May


Aleali May is a blogger, image consultant, and model. She has collaborated with major brands such as Nike and Audi USA. She uses her blog to share her new experiences on fashion, art, modeling, lifestyle, music, entertainment, and personal experiences.

Aleali May

  1. The Fashion Guitar


Charlotte Groeneveld’s blog is great, and her fashioned looks are top-notch. She is authentic, has exemplary style and is not afraid to test trends. Her posts get you thinking, ‘Why am I not her?’
Charlotte Groeneveld

  1. Camille Over the Rainbow


Meet Camille Charriere, half-French, half British Persian. She turned to fashion journalism after retiring as a lawyer. Her blog is her audience’s visual insight into her sartorial universe.

Camille Charriere

  1. Helena Bordon


Helena is a Brazilian fashion blogger and businesswoman. Growing up in a fashion influenced family; Helena grew up seeing how fashion really works, as she attended shows with her mother in Paris and Milan. She also documents, her fashion picks, travels, stores and favorite restaurants. Her style is mainly street fashion.


  1. Tales of Endearment


Natalie Joos is a casting agent and consultant. She is the founder of Tales of Endearment, where she shares her passion for vintage and fashion. Natalie also writes and exhibits extensive travel journals and humorous stories about her dating life.

Natalie Joos

  1. This Time Tomorrow


Who would believe that Krystal Bick begun her blog as a hobby? This shoe hoarder expresses herself sartorially about her current shopping cravings, and a general reflection of fashion and style.

Krystal Bick

  1. Look de Pernille


To Pernille Tiesbaek, her blog is not only just a blog; to her it’s like her baby, her brand. She created it through styling, collaboration and projects. She has a talent for combining retro silhouettes and functional staples, with arresting accessories.

Pernille Tiesbaek

  1. Luxury Shoppers


Ezgi Icel and Lian Kebudi are the duo behind Luxury Shoppers. The fashion industry is a calculating, shameless ambition, something these two women know all too well of. From image consulting to personal shopping to wardrobe styling and planning, the duo practically does it all and without a plan.                                              Ezgi Icel and Lian Kebudi

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