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Best Sites to Buy Vintage Chanel & Other Top Designer Handbags

If there was a way to describe ‘luxury for less’, this would be it. Although some people still view it as déclassé, second-hand shopping is increasingly becoming chic especially when it applies to designer products. Whether it’s new or used, gorgeous designer handbags still make a fashion statement.

Not everyone is fortunate and capable of purchasing new designer brands, which is where buying of used product comes in. The fact that the product was once in use doesn’t imply that it has lost its value or touch. A Chanel designer handbag paired with old faded jeans makes one look like a million bucks and signifies that the individual has a great taste of the finer things in life.

Vintage Chanel is expensive and will continue being so. Nonetheless, knowing where to buy used designer handbags is vital information which one is required to have.

The tricky part is usually telling a genuine used designer back from a fake one. Picture yourself stepping into your local department store, and trolling through the sales rack trying to locate the style you fancy, purchase a marked down item. This is a pretty handy technique that isn’t guaranteed to always work. Next best choice- online purchases!

One thing you should always have in mind when purchasing luxury goods online is to know precisely what you are getting and the people you are getting it from.

So how does one validate that the bag is truly authentic?

Here are some tips on how to spot fake designer bags.


authentic Chanel handbag

Chanel is among the highest quality, French Brand luxury item worldwide. Therefore if you are planning on buying one, you need to make certain that it is not an imitation. There are some methods you can employ to tell whether a bag is real or fake; from the material, CC hardware, quilting, hologram and interior logo.

For more tips on how this works, go to It could be a minute detail like the digits on the serial number or the CHANEL printed interior label- you just need to know what to look for and where to look.

Louis Vuitton

Authentic Louis-Vuitton-W-BB-Tote-Pink

Louis Vuitton bag are very costly due to their top quality material which include leather, boa, lambskin, crocodile and camel skin. If you want to know how to identify a fake Louis Vuitton, first you need to look at the real deal from an authorized dealer, boutique or store. You can’t know the fake until you’ve encountered the real one.

Walk into an authorized dealer store and take a look at the authentic Louis Vuitton handbags and observe its signature, monogram placement, no tag attachments, authentic gold or brass metal hardware imprinted with the LV logo trademark, and the tan. A Louis Vuitton bag naturally tans as it ages because of the vachetta leather.

Follow the link, to learn the techniques of spotting a fake Louis Vuitton.



Another expensive designer handbag is the Prada. From the logo itself, you can tell a genuine Prada from a fake. If the ‘R’ in the Prada logo is straight, then the handbag is counterfeit. The ‘R’ in the logo should have a distinct half-moon curve.

Other elements you can use to tell whether the handbag is counterfeit or not include color, hardware, lining, authenticity cards and material. All of the bag’s metal accents and buttons-which come in three colors namely silver, rose and gold tones-, should be engraved with ‘PRADA’.

This link will provide you with the steps of identifying fake Prada bags.



The easiest way of determining the authenticity of a Coach handbag is by clearly observing the signature C’s layout. They should always be lined up explicitly at the midpoint. Coach’s signature mark is always the two C’s side by side in doubles.

If you happen to spot one in a single row of C’s, that’s a fake Coach bag. The pattern of the signature C and the style of the bag are the things you need to look out for when getting your used Coach handbag.

For more information on what identifies as a fake Coach, go to



Hermes Birkin is all about the shape. If it’s not crisp and distinct, them it is not genuine Hermes. The shape of a fake bag is usually shows bulges instead of a perfect straight line. The stamp and contours is also something you should be keen on, as well as hardware, inside strap, zipper, the interior and lock.

The engraving on an authentic Hermes bag hardware is thin and refined but a fake one is much deeper and wider, making the letters appear further apart. It is the little things that you should always pay attention to. has more information on the subject.

Designer luxury items are usually very expensive. Although purchasing a used designer product is much cheaper, still it is important you acquire an authentic item and not a fake. Here is a list of the top ten best sites to buy used designer handbags.

  1. Yoogi’s Closet

    1. Yoogi's closet store pic

This online designer outlet offers a hassle-free return policy which is to guarantee to their clients that every item they sell is authentic and in perfect condition. Their 30 days return policy ensures that their client receives a full refund if they are dissatisfied with the product.

Purchasing used designer handbags from Yoogi’s Closet allow one to save up to 58% on purchase. Yoogi’s Closet offers a variety of designer labels such as Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Armani, Bvlgari, Cartier, Celine, Chloe, Christian Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Marni, Prada and several other top designer labels.

To view their amazing low price designer handbags, go to

  1. Jill’s Consignment

    2. jills consignment

Jill’s Consignment was founded in 1996 which provides them with an added advantage of experiences which most second-hand online stores do not have. With their knowledge and skills to spot an authentic handbag from a fake one assures their clientele of 100% guarantee in authenticity contrary to which they will provide a full refund to the customer’s dissatisfaction.

Talk of brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fedi, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Hermes, Loro Pian, Gucci, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry among others. It is usually difficult to find several top recognizable brands all in one site, but Jill’s Consignment makes it happen. Website-

  1. Malleries

    3. malleries

Michele, Piquet, Tiffany & CO, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Tag Heuer, Judith Leiber, David Yurman, Cartier, Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Balenciaga, Baume & Mercier, Celine, Nancy Gonzalez- you name them, Malleries online store is renowned for being the most trusted source for authentic luxury. They have the widest brand selection for you to choose from.

Malleries conduct pre-screening of their bags in order to preserve their reputation and integrity as well as ensure the customer’s full satisfaction. Simply looking at the pictures themselves allows you to judge the bag’s condition. If you are looking to invest in luxury, shop Malleries-

  1. FashionPhile

    4. fashionphile

Now this is where you will be spoilt for choice. Talk of brands such as Miu Miu, Bvlgari, Rene Caovilla, Tom Ford, Proenza Schouler, Goyard, Stella McCartney, Christian Louboutin, Chloe, Celine, Salvatore Ferragamo, Van Cleef & Arpels, Alexander Wang, Gucci, Mulberry, Monolo Blahnik, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Hermes, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Goyard and more.

Fashion Phile is a very bold and strong consignment store that purchases and sells a wide selection of pre-owned rare, limited edition, vintage styles. Go to their website on

  1. The Outnet

    5. The outnet online store

Regarded as the most fashionable fashion outlet, The Outnet online designer store is the perfect site to locate and score some coveted designer bags for as little as 50% off or more.

The Outnet has recognizable brands such as Valentino, Alexander Wang, Anya Hindmarch, Diane Von Furstenberg, Maison Martin Margiela, Giuseppe Zanotti, Lanvin, Marni, and several other top designer brands.

To visit their site, go to



This site might not appear very eye-catching but the authentic handbag brands it offers certainly are. At link- you will definitely obtain your dream handbag 20% to 30% lower prices compared to the retail store price.

Moreover, they offer free shipping which is an added advantage that allows anyone to access their products from wherever they are worldwide. You are likely to find brands such as Chloe, Fendi, Givenchy, Celine, Saint Laurent, Burberry, Prada, and Versace among others.

  1. Blue Fly

    7. blue fly online store

Blue Fly is among the first online designer sites for pre-owned product purchases. With every purchase, you are awarded a 10% discount. At the moment, this site features top brands such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Prada, Furla, Rebecca Minkoff, and Longchamp. To get too the site, follow the link-

  1. Luxe DH

    8. luxe DH store

Here you will find a variety of pre-owned high-end bags from major players such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Goyard, Hermes, Belenciaga, and Valentino, that you’ve probably spotted with some major stars in the industry- the likes of Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and Reese Witherspoon.

Luxe DH has a hired team of experts that verify the authenticity of their used products and ensure their clients’ enjoyable shopping experience. To top it up, they also offer a 100% money-back guarantee to all their clients for a risk free transaction.


  1. Etsy

    9. etsy-shop-on-line

Etsy is the place where they do not permit new stuff, just used ones. Etsy website allows one to purchase and sell everything vintage. The price of each designer item varies depending on the seller of the item but locating items on Etsy really does pay off for example, you can purchase a vintage Gucci cross-body bag for only $ 149.99 on Etsy.

Other brands include YSL, Louis Vuitton, MCM, Gucci, Prada, Chanel and Coach among others. To view this website, go to

  1. Belk

    10. belks

Whatever top brand you can think of- Calvin Klein, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Brahmin, Ralph Lauren, MICHAEL, Cynthia Rowley and Michael Kors just to mention a few, can all be found on Belk. Although some of the mentioned brands are not the higher-end labels, these mid-range brands are still recognizable in the fashion world. Belk also provide free shipping and discounts which makes them more affordable.

To go to Belk website, click on

One thing that you have to understand is that the fact that these designer handbags are second-hand does not mean that you can automatically score them for less that 50% their retail price. Designer items are and will still be expensive, regardless of whether they are new of used.

The advantage of purchasing a used designer bag is that you get to have your life-long dream handbag at a cheaper, more affordable price. Be alert that you purchase the authentic handbag and not a fake.

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